Saturday, May 31, 2008

I want to swim ... mummy!! I want !! I want!!

18 May 2008, we happened to be at my in law's condo.. When the kids saw the swimming pool... They were all begging to be in there... I stared at Allan for a while and asked.. No swimming wear leh.. how ah? In the end... We decided to remove their top and let them swim for a while...Jovian wearing his underwear and Janelle wearing only short... Oppssss!! Can see their "2 dots" ... Ke ke ke..
On the following day, we decided to blow up the rubber swimming pool bought sometime ago (from JB at $6RM plus) and the kids love it so much that they refused to get out... But the floor were wet all over... Luckily... it is not my house... ke ke ke...

He is 3 and she is 6! Baobei's b'day 2008

Due to my busy schedule, i don't have the time to take leave to celebrate my 2 baobei's birthday on 16 March and 8 May respectively.... For Jovian's b'day, as it was a sunday, we invited dad. brother, baobei's god parents for a simple dinner at Boon Tong Ji at Balestier.. As for Janelle, she was luckier.. As I almost overlooked on her birthday, my sweet colleagues, Iris and Debbie ordered the cake for me and even paid and arranged for the delivery as well.. All i did was to inform them that my daughter wants for a "Princess cake"... She was thrilled with the cake.. And what were their B'day presents? Hi ya..... Where got time to go and buy..... The princess on the cake was her b'day present lor... And for Jovian.. Daddy bought him several LEGO sets at the LEGO fair... but in the end.. Daddy was the one playing with it.. ke ke ke.. And refused to let him touch... My daddy and brother were so sweet too... Knowing that I am still at work and don't have time to get a cake to celebrate at home, they bought another cake from Swensen.. (Also a Princess Cake) and I was home only at 9 plus that day... And know what... Janelle got a bouquet of flower from my father in law too... So lucky rite... My lao gong also never buys flowers for me when i celebrate my B'day... (Jealous mummy!!) hee hee

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pedal and Run event by Young Parent

15 Dec 2007, Janelle participated in the Pedal and Run event organised by Young Parent... She was so excited over the event.. Although it was a runny day and the place was so muddy, she was very keen to join the race ( 1.2km Cycling and 0.5km running).. Although she wasn't 1st in the race, she managed to finish it quite early.. And was lucky enough to win herself a lucky draw prize.. Ke ke ke .. Except poor mummy has to scrub her muddy bicycle after that :-(

In sweet loving memory of my Uncle Tony

Picture was taken on 16 Sept 07... Little would I expect that to be the last photo taken with my uncle Tony... He died suddenly on the lantern festival... Words couldn't described how bad and sad i felt.. But I am really glad to spend some precious times with him few days before his sudden death... We will miss u always!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

What a hair cut!

30 August 2007, time for Ah vian vian to cut his hair.. Not sure why but to him, cutting hair is a miserable thing. Before the haircut, we'd prepared him that he will look very handsome after the haircut and he was agreeable to it. And to make the haircut process "sweeter" for him, we gave him some sweets to encourage him further..
However, the moment he was told to sit on the chair, he started to cry and refused to sit on it.. Luckily, daddy is around.. Daddy told him firmly to sit still and he did it for a while but started to cry again when he saw me trying to take his pictures... Hahaha.. Naughty mummy...

Margaret is back!!!

11 August 2007, Margaret is back in town to pack up her stuff before she leaves to Melbourne to stay with her hubby, Raf.. Angeline and I quickly grab this opportunity to meet up and to find out how are we doing.. We went Clarke Quay that evening... And I must say, the ambience there is superb.. As it happened to be a 2 days event for tourists and there were lotsa street performance there.. And the best was that there were people setting up booth to draw faces, fortune telling and tattoo spraying.. And all of these are FREE!!!!.
As a KS singaporean, hee hee.. We queued up for all... and spent our night having fun there... We ended our evening at Gotham Penthouse for a drink and enjoying the striptease dances by 4 super hot, sexy & handsome in-house dancers. And of course photo taking are not allowed in there..

Ah May's birthday

02 August 2007, it's my birthday.. and I am ... sigh :-( 32 this year... Can't believe that, i thought i just celebrated my 21th birthday a few years ago.. hee hee.. Anyway, my new team members were so sweet.. they bought me birthday cake and blanjar me to Olive for my favourite meat ball Spagetti.. Yum yum...
Any surprise gift from Allan? Hmmmm..... Of course no lor... He claimed he has bought me a Nokia N95 early this year... So Sian..

Culture Day-Janelle is the bride

20 July 2007, childcare centre celebrated Culture Day.. Janelle was chosen to be the bride for Western Wedding.. And Rachel, my good friend cum colleague's daughter was her bridemaid.. it was really funny to see Janelle got married... The boy, Joshua or I should say my "Son in law" hee hee.. forced the wedding ring on Janelle's finger..

Jovian in school

Recently, teacher has been calling me to inform me that Jovian is biten by his classmate.. I asked the teacher is it a boy or a girl.. Teacher hesitated but due to my close relationship with her, she told me that it is a girl.. And my son went home and informed me that "Ella bite.."
I jokingly told the teacher.. wow.. so young already kanna "love bite".. Jovian's teacher can't stop laughing... Attached is a pic of jovian and Ella.. Hee... what a perfect match...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Janelle is 5 already!!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy Birthday to Janelle... Happy birthday to you.....
8th May 2007 marked Janelle 5th birthday.. Janelle was really lucky.. both me and Allan took half day leave just to celebrate her birthday.. We went Sakae Sushi for late lunch and went kiddy Palace to get Janelle her birthday present... We got her a "laptop"... Not the real one but those will lotsa learning activities in there..
We bought a cake from Polar Cakeshop and went home to cut the cake after that....

Kl & Genting Trip with my 2 Baobei

28 April 2007, we went KL for a short trip. As we've got nothing much to shop this time, we decided to bring the kids to Genting Highlands for a day of fun... We found out from aunty Shirley that we can take a cab to Central Station and purchase a package that include a 2 way bus and cable car tickets plus outdoor theme park entry ticket @ RM $39 each. So as to fully ustilise the package, we went to the station early that morning to queue up for the tickets.. I have to say, the queue was really long and we waited more than 45 mins to get the tickets.. The kids really enjoyed themselves at the outdoor theme park.. We were considered quite lucky as the weather was good that day till we almost finished all the family rides.. However, when we were at the peak of the merry-go-round, it started to rain heavily.. Our stroller which was parked right beside the control station was all soaked.
Of course the kids were reluctant to leave the theme park but as it was raining heavily, we decided to go indoor for a nice meal instead.. After the short break , the kids were quite tired thus we left Genting at about 5pm. On the way back to KL hotel, the forgetful mummy left the haversack in the cab. So sad, the jackets that we wore were all gone... :-(.....I missed my red cardigan. Luckily, i didn't put our passports in there.. Heng ah!! We waited for 3 more days hoping that the taxi driver will return the bag to us... but no one came back... Overall, it was quite an enjoyable trip..

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jovian 2nd birthday

16 March 2007 - Jovian 2nd birthday... Due to my busy schedule, I was unable to be on leave to celebrate his birthday. Thus when his teacher asked whether to celebrate his birthday in school, I gladly agreed. Thanks to Aunty Bee Yan's recommendation, I ordered a 3D cake from Bengawan Solo and the cake turned out to be a really huge 3kg cake... and it was delicious too.. Jovian took 3 big slices of it and in the end... he vomitted in the car.. hee hee hee... Smelly birthday boy!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

CNY Celebration 2007 @ Kim Keat Ave

This year CNY was a special one... As we have moved from Bedok to Kim Keat.. Finally!!! Of course it was a real tiring and rush one as the renovation was only ready 2 weeks before CNY.. The kids were the ones who really enjoyed most... They were running up and down.. Was really glad that most of my friends (Mostly ex-colleagues) came on 24 Feb for a short gathering...I must say, i really missed having them around.. We used to chat and have fun everyday at work.. Now we can only meet up once in a while...

Friday, December 29, 2006

IBP Childcare Year End Concert

25 Nov 2006, it was the graduation day for the student @ K2. My daughter was selected by her teacher to perform 2 dances..
No wonder she has been dancing and singing the same few songs at home..
Allan and I were really impressed with her dancing and courage. There were lotsa parents there and the school was packed with people.
Actually i was quite worried that she may just start crying halfway through the dance or worse, refused to even goes up the stage.. But to our surprise, she has danced very well.. And I was really proud of her. For the next few weeks, I have been showing all the video clips of her dancing to my dad and colleagues..Ke ke ke.. Lets see if I can try to load the video up in this blog.